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With over 22 years in the building trade, we are constantly looking at innovative and cost effective solutions for our customers.

As a consequence we have decided to invest in a contemporary eco-friendly product with complimentary products for different applications that we also supply.

Our airless plastering is up to three times quicker to apply and three times quicker to dry than conventional plastering.  It’s cleaner and can be spray painted (mist coat) by us the day after.

The spray plaster will leave you with a Level 5 finish compared to traditional plastering where you can expect a Level 3 finish.

We also offer a full spray rendering system with our  Corksol product which can be used to render everything except a flat roof (we have another solution for this application please see below).  Corksol is 100% Eco Friendly has a 0% carbon foot print, it is a flexible cork based system that will not blow, break or split, ideal to use over the top of existing render. 

This product has insulating, fire proofing and sound proofing properties.  Sound reduction between 8 and 12db and Euro class B fire resistant.


· Leaking pitched roofs to waterproof and insulate domestic properties

· Conservatory roofs 

· Garages and sheds

· Caravans

· Existing render repair

· Farm buildings

· Coastal properties

Flat roof rendering for commercial and domestic roofs, is a rubber based product that can be applied directly on top of existing roofing, no need to strip and replace, our rubber membrane will solve your problems quickly and at an affordable price. 


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Most commonly asked FAQs


I'm not sure whether to have spray cork or cavity wall insulation.

Cavity wall insulation is cheaper but does not take the cold bridges away like spray cork does. Spray cork is not only insulating but also has an aesthetic function.


Can I treat my Van/pickup with spray cork? Does it remove the condensation?

Your Van/pickup can be treated with spray cork. After applying spray cork the condensation is removed from the Van/pickup.


We would like to provide sound insulation on the ceiling in spray form? Is this possible?

The sound can be muted with spray cork, we recommend that 3 mm granular thickness is used with at least two sprayed layers.


Is there a warranty on the product spray cork?

Yes, there is a warranty of 10 years on the delivered product. render repair

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